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Agitation Washers

Sonicor “AW” series is an agitation cleaning system that utilizes a multiple-technology approach to address each critical parts cleaning application. Contaminants on parts and in flow-thru internal surfaces are removed by the aggressive action of agitation in the heated aqueous detergent. Parts with a more complex geometry however may include internal surfaces that can trap contaminants and are not effectively cleaned by agitation alone. These hard to clean areas are penetrated by the optional Sonicor “BandScanner” sweep-frequency ultrasonics to complete the job.

Standard Features:

  • All stainless tank fabrication
  • Hard Chrome plated Immersibles
  • Stainless immersion heaters
  • Low liquid level protection
  • Pneumatic lift platform
  • Auto-lift rear hinged cover

Available Options:

  • Non-standard input power configurations
  • Heat system, with stainless immersion heaters, digital temperature controllers & thermal insulation
  • Sonicor sweep-frequency Ultrasonics with hard chrome plated immersible transducers
  • Continuous oil sweep/removal systems
  • Circulating filter & turbo-filter combo systems
  • Thermal insulation
  • Auto-reset digital cycle timers

50 Gallon Agitation Washer

  • Model AW-20
  • Tank I.D. (LRxFBxD) 20″x23″x26″
  • Tank O.D. (LRxFBxH) 23″x32″x68″
  • Sonic Power 1800w, 40KHz
  • Heat 6KW (optional)
  • Basket I.D. 16″x15″x6″
  • Max Load 150 Lbs
  • Input Power 3PH, 15A

75 Gallon Agitation Washer

  • Model AW-30
  • Tank I.D. (LRxFBxD) 30″x23″x26″
  • Tank O.D. (LRxFBxH) 33″x32″x68″
  • Sonic Power 2400w, 40KHz
  • Heat 6KW (optional)
  • Basket I.D. 26″x15″x6″
  • Max Load 150 Lbs
  • Input Power 3PH, 15A

100 Gallon Agitation Washer

  • Model AW-40
  • Tank I.D. (LRxFBxD) 40″x23″x26″
  • Tank O.D. (LRxFBxH) 43″x32″x68″
  • Sonic Power 3000w, 40KHz
  • Heat 9KW (optional)
  • Basket I.D. 36″x15″x6″
  • Max Load 150 Lbs
  • Input Power 3PH, 22A

130 Gallon Agitation Washer

  • Model AW-50
  • Tank I.D. (LRxFBxD) 50″x23″x26″
  • Tank O.D. (LRxFBxH) 53″x32″x68″
  • Sonic Power 3600w, 40KHz
  • Heat (optional)
  • Basket I.D. 46″x18″x6″
  • Max Load 150 Lbs
  • Input Power 3PH, 29A