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Made in the United States since 1966.

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Innovation, Quality, and Reliability
Our Sonicor Corporate Tradition Since 1966

History of Sonicor

Sonicor Incorporated is an established manufacturer of advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems, vapor degreasing equipment, and automated parts handling systems. Our company has enjoyed steady growth since its inception in 1966, while supplying quality products to its target markets of metal stamping, surface finishing, and jewelry manufacturing. Furthermore, we’ve made a successful entry into several niche markets with our ultrasonic cleaning systems. These have assisted with cleaning anilox rolls for the flexographic printing industry, as well as Venetian blinds.


For nearly 60 years, our commitment to quality ultrasonic cleaning systems and customer service has earned us the trust and loyalty of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Sonicor’s ultrasonic cleaning systems have successfully addressed the critical cleaning systems requirements of leading companies in virtually every industry. This wealth of experience has provided our application and engineering staff members with the unique qualifications to meet the needs of our customers, as ultrasonic cleaning systems requirements become increasingly critical.

Variety of Industries

Our ultrasonic cleaning systems have continued to meet the precision parts cleaning needs of our customers in virtually every facet of the industry. With nearly 60 years of commitment to quality, innovative engineering, and product reliability, the Sonicor name is widely renowned throughout the electronics, medical, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and printing industries. Customers have come to recognize our impeccable reputation for our ultrasonic cleaning systems and turn to us to provide what they need for their specific industries.

Industrial, medical, dental, and OEM businesses worldwide also greatly benefit from our extensive line of ultrasonic cleaning systems models. The quality and reliability of Sonicor’s products are simply unequaled. Our industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment offers all the necessary features for today’s critical cleaning systems technologies. These include advanced controls and a wide range of available operating frequencies to address virtually every type of cleaning application. Our dedication to quality, along with our equipment warranty, ensures peace of mind for both you and your customers.


From the initial application and cleaning process development to the equipment installation and startup phase of every project, Sonicor is committed to a single goal that accounts for our large number of repeat customers – complete customer satisfaction.


Safety and environmental responsibility are key components of all Sonicor equipment. Today’s increased awareness of environmental issues and concern for employee safety, indicate the need for a new approach to traditional problem-solving. This new approach is evident in every Sonicor product.

Our Products

Sonicor offers state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning systems models to customers all over the world, which are an essential tool for many different industries. Ultrasonic cleaning is the rapid and complete removal of contaminants from objects by immersing them in a tank of liquid, flooded with ultra-high frequency sound waves. We manufacture tabletop, generator/tank, benchtop, anilox, and many more ultrasonic cleaning systems. Sonicor also offers other products, such as vapor degreasers, to meet all of your company’s practical needs. We continue to stand as a leading manufacturer of industrial precision parts cleaning equipment for customers in all different markets.

About The Owner

Sonicor has a strong multi-generational family backbone that guides its insistence on durable products and friendly customer service. Dominic Citarella was the very first Sonicor employee in 1966 and gave 30 years of loyal service to the company. His son and current owner, Levi Citarella, began working there during high school in 1975. From 1982 to 2008, Levi worked continuously as a Sonicor distributor through his own company. In 2008, Levi purchased Sonicor and has been proudly operating it ever since. Carrying on the family tradition, Levi’s son-in-law, Brandon, has been working with Sonicor since 2021. Our number one priority is happy customers and if you are ever not 100% satisfied with your experience with Sonicor, please contact Levi directly at his personal email, levicitarella@aol.com.