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Vapor Degreasers

The “D” series combines the durability of Sonicor ultrasonic technology with state-of-the art emissions control and safety features to produce a line of vapor degreasing systems that are preferred by hundreds of customers worldwide. Our units can operate safely with a wide range of non-flammable degreasing solvents.

Sonicor model CUDR-50Z Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser
New Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser with internal vertical lift platform automation
Sonicor CUDR-120 Vapor Degreaser With Sonicor “RTC” Automation/Process Control System, and Full System Enclosure
Sonicor UDR-70 Vapor Degreaser With Sonicor “VWE” Vertical Workload Elevator, and Stainless Upper Enclosure

Standard Features:

  • Two stage, vapor/ultrasonic degreaser with refrigerated primary condenser (Can be made without ultrasonics if that configuration better suits your needs)
  • Extended freeboard ratio to minimize diffusion losses
  • Manually operated sliding cover to control overhead air turbulence losses
  • Water separator for continuous removal of condensed atmospheric moisture from the system
  • Sonicor “Vapor Watch” safety circuit, with manual reset sensors, to monitor system functions, identify faults, and notify operator when maintenance or service is needed
  • All stainless degreaser body and countertop
  • Copper/Brass plumbing
  • Push-button start with “Vapor-Up” light to advise operator when system is ready to process parts
  • High Vapor Sensor – disables heaters and advises operator if vapors reach an unsafe height in the degreaser
  • High Solvent Temp. Sensor – Monitors solvent temperature in the boil chamber, and advises operator when solvent replacement is needed
  • Low Solvent Level Control – Disables heaters and advises operator if solvent level is low
  • A full stainless cabinet on 7 and 10 gallon models
  • Sonicor “Bandscanner” series 40KHZ ultrasonics

Available Options:

  • A full stainless cabinet on 25, 50, and 85 gallon models
  • All stainless solvent plumbing
  • Hand held distillate spray wand
  • Circulating pump/filter system on immersion chamber
  • Refrigerated freeboard chiller system
  • Power Cover (replaces standard manual cover)
  • 30lb automated workload elevator – single axis
  • 30lb automated workload elevator – dual axis

7 Gallon Vapor Degreaser

  • Model CUDR-30Z
  • Boil Chamber “8”x11″x6″
  • Immersion I.D. 8″x11″x7 1/2″
  • Vapor Zone 17″x11″x9″
  • Primary Heater 1500w
  • Solvent Capacity 7 Gallons
  • Distillation Rate 5.5 GPH
  • Workload Capacity 150 Lbs/Hr
  • Ultrasonic Power 200w
  • Standard Electrical Requirements 230v, 1PH, 18A, 50/60hz
  • Overall Dimensions 51″x22″x46″
  • Shipping Weight 350 Lbs

10 Gallon Vapor Degreaser

  • Model CUDR-50Z
  • Boil Chamber “10”x12″x8″
  • Immersion I.D. 10″x12″x10″
  • Vapor Zone 21″x12″x10″
  • Primary Heater 2000w
  • Solvent Capacity 10 Gallons
  • Distillation Rate 7 GPH
  • Workload Capacity 200 Lbs/Hr
  • Ultrasonic Power 300w
  • Standard Electrical Requirements 230v, 1PH, 28A, 50/60hz
  • Overall Dimensions 55″x28″x48″
  • Shipping Weight 500 Lbs

25 Gallon Vapor Degreaser

  • Model CUDR-70Z
  • Boil Chamber “12”x16″x9″
  • Immersion I.D. 12″x16″x16″
  • Vapor Zone 25″x16″x12″
  • Primary Heater 4000w
  • Solvent Capacity 25 Gallons
  • Distillation Rate 14 GPH
  • Workload Capacity 400 Lbs/Hr
  • Ultrasonic Power 600w
  • Standard Electrical Requirements 230v, 1PH, 40A, 50/60hz
  • Overall Dimensions 65″x33″x48″
  • Shipping Weight 700 Lbs

50 Gallon Vapor Degreaser

  • Model CUDR-90Z
  • Boil Chamber “16”x20″x12″
  • Immersion I.D. 16″x20″x16″
  • Vapor Zone 33″x20″x16″
  • Primary Heater 8000w
  • Solvent Capacity 50 Gallons
  • Distillation Rate 28 GPH
  • Workload Capacity 800 Lbs/Hr
  • Ultrasonic Power 900w
  • Standard Electrical Requirements 230v, 3PH, 60A, 50/60hz
  • Overall Dimensions 86″x36″x60″
  • Shipping Weight 900 Lbs

85 Gallon Vapor Degreaser

  • Model CUDR-120Z
  • Boil Chamber 20″x24″x17″
  • Immersion I.D. 20″x24″x17″
  • Vapor Zone 41″x24″x18″
  • Primary Heater 12000w
  • Solvent Capacity 85 Gallons
  • Distillation Rate 42 GPH
  • Workload Capacity 1200 Lbs/Hr
  • Ultrasonic Power 1500w
  • Standard Electrical Requirements 230v, 3PH, 80A, 50/60hz
  • Overall Dimensions 108″x40″x68″
  • Shipping Weight 1100 Lbs