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Why Ultrasonic Cleaners are Important to the Jewelry Industry

Why Ultrasonic Cleaners are Important to the Jewelry Industry

An ultrasonic cleaner offers strong and effective cleaning on even the most delicate of items.   An ultrasonic cleaner uses high frequency sound waves and a liquid solution to create millions of tiny, microscopic bubbles in the solution. These bubbles expand and then rapidly collapse. As they collapse, they release a significant amount of energy creating an intense “scrubbing” action which is effective on visible surfaces as well as small crevices and intricate parts. It works effectively on dirt and cutting grease and grime and the intensity can be adjusted to the proper ratio and frequency required to clean but not damage items. As a result, an ultrasonic cleaner is ideal for cleaning jewelry.

If you own a jewelry store or work in the jewelry industry, your product always has to look its best.  Let’s face it; in the jewelry industry every item that you feature should have a high shine and sparkle!  Whether you are selling handmade, brand new or pre-owned estate jewelry, every item in your showcase should have luster!  Jewelry cleaning is not only necessary for used or pre-owned jewelry, even brand new jewelry that has been sitting in a case can accumulate dust and dirt over time.

An ultrasonic cleaner is the ideal method for cleaning and restoring delicate items, which makes jewelry a perfect candidate for this type of cleaning. Day-to-day dirt and grime, dust, oily residues and even jewelers rouge (a compound for cleaning and buffing jewelry) can be removed from the tiny crevices and hidden channels of even the finest jewelry. Even the Jewelers Association of America recommends ultrasonic cleaning for jewelry. “There are many types of machines on the market that will clean jewelry in a matter of minutes using high-frequency sound. These machines are called ultrasonic cleaners and are available in many different models and prices. Your local jeweler may have an ultrasonic cleaning machine on site.”

The benefits of using an ultrasonic cleaner for jewelry include:

  • It effectively cleans parts of the jewelry that are extremely difficult to clean with traditional cleaning methods.
  • There is no need to disassemble the jewelry.
  • Multiple pieces of jewelry can be cleaned at one time, saving time and money. (Always follow manufacturer recommendations for maximum pieces in your ultrasonic cleaner.)
  • Gentle cleaning does not damage delicate pieces and allows for cleaning as often as necessary.
  • Jewelry comes out completely clean, shiny and looking brand new.

Fine jewelry is a precious possession that is designed and crafted to last generations, but proper care is required to assure the lasting qualities of jewelry. As a standard rule, jewelry owners are encouraged to visit a jeweler for inspection and any necessary repairs and to get their jewelry cleaned at least twice a year.

If you are interested in an ultrasonic cleaner for your jewelry business or for your own personal use, contact Sonicor. Sonicor has a large inventory of advanced and innovative ultrasonic cleaning devices as well as many other commercial cleaning products. Call them toll free at 800-864-5022.