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The Benefit of Ultrasonic Cleaners in the Automotive Industry

The Benefit of Ultrasonic Cleaners in the Automotive Industry

Ultrasonic cleaners are highly effective, intense cleaning systems that can be used to effectively clean tools and equipment in many industries. The automotive industry utilizes ultrasonic cleaning methods in many facets of their industry – manufacturing, production, assembly and even in automotive repair. Ultrasonic cleaning provided the best method of cleaning and degreasing for all types of automotive parts and machinery. Unlike other cleaning processes and harsh chemicals, ultrasonic cleaning will not damage intricate, lightweight, or easily damaged parts.

An ultrasonic cleaner can thoroughly removes carbon deposits, grease, and other types of dirt and contaminants from carburetors, exhaust manifolds, cylinder blocks, motorcycle engines, ATV cylinders and more. It can also be used on smaller parts such as plugs, screws, bolts and fixtures.  Ultrasonic cleaners can also be used in the marine industry on inboard and outboard motors because the cleaning process is both thorough and gentle on aluminum parts, which reduces the risk of future corrosion.

An ultrasonic cleaner uses high frequency sound waves to create literally millions of tiny, microscopic bubbles in the solution. These bubbles expand and then rapidly collapse. As they collapse, they release a significant amount of energy creating an intense “scrubbing” action which is effective on visible surfaces as well as small crevices and even blind holes. Dirt can be loosened and removed from any surface that the liquid touches. The bubbles are small enough to penetrate even microscopic crevices, cleaning them thoroughly and consistently every time. This action, called “cavitation” occurs thousands of times every second to quickly produce the cleanest and dirt free parts.

According to Automotive Manufacturing Solutions, “Ultrasonic cleaners thoroughly clean and remove carbon deposits, grease, oil, and other dirt from carburetors, automotive, marine and aircraft engine parts.”  In the automotive industry, ultrasonic cleaners use industrial strength cleaning action to:

  • Clean carbon deposits from carburetors and engine parts
  • Removes stubborn oil, grease, lubricants, paint, rust, and dirt
  • Safely clean any aluminum parts
  • Penetrate and thoroughly clean small holes, small apertures, and crevices
  • Clean sensitive parts including wiring and plastic without damage

Because these parts are cleaned thoroughly, they continue to work effectively and outlast other parts that may not be as clean. This process also decreases the need for and the time spent manually cleaning all of these parts and equipment.

If you own or manage a business in the automotive industry and you are interested in a high quality ultrasonic cleaner that can effectively clean all of your automotive parts and equipment, contact Sonicor.

Sonicor was established in 1966 and builds ultrasonic cleaning devices and automation systems that have been used by hundreds of manufacturers worldwide. Sonicor precision cleaning systems have provided critical cleaning devices and solutions to leading companies in virtually every industry including automotive. They offer a large inventory of advanced and innovative ultrasonic cleaning devices as well as many other industrial related cleaning products. Give them a call today at 631-920-6555 or 800-864-5022 and speak with one of their representatives who can help you decide which model is right for your commercial needs.