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Made in New York since 1966.

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“S” Models

QTYS-30 thru S-211S-300 thru S-401S-550 and 650
1 to 330%25%25%
4 to 2435%30%30%
25 and up40%35%30%
  • Models in this category may be ordered in any mix, to maximize discount
  • Accessories will be discontinued at the same rate as the ultrasonic cleaners with which they are ordered. When ordered separately, accessories will be discounted at 20%

High Intensity Systems

Product CategoryDiscount
Std generator/tank or generator/immersible transducer systems, 2400 watts or less25%
BCD / BCA Industrial benchtop systems25%
Non-standard generator/tank or immersible transducer systems15%
Generator/tank or generator/immersible transducer systems, more than 2400 watts15%
Console Cleaning Systems15%
Vapor Degreasers15%
Ultrasonic Probe Systems15%
  • Options and accessories will be discounted at the same rate as the units with which they are ordered
  • Discount or commission rate for large or custom systems will be determined at the time of quotation

Sonicor Cleaning Chemicals

Sonicor cleaning chemicals will be discounted or commissioned at a rate of 20%, when ordered by the case, pail, or drum.

Spare Parts & Service

Parts & labor charges for service, will be discounted at 20%. There will be no discount or commission paid for any expenses or travel related charges. Equipment startups are considered field service, and are therefore, not commissionable items.

Drop Shipments

Drop shipments will be considered as individual orders. Discounts or commission for drop-shipped orders will be calculated on the basis of the number of units ordered for one shipment


  • Returned items will not be accepted without prior authorization
  • All returned items must be shipped prepaid – unauthorized collect shipments will be refused
  • All returned items will be subject to a 20% restocking fee
  • Minimum order amount – $50.00
  • All invoices must be paid according to terms, or list prices will apply

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